AWS Rolls Out Solutions Architect Pro Exam, Surprising Changes to Recert Program

With the release of the latest updated exam, AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional, AWS is continuing the trend established last year, changing the ways individuals take and score exams. The recertification program is also receiving an overhaul you will be sure to notice.

In line with updates to a few other exams in the past year, the Arch Pro certification features radically different question domain percentages and a new scoring model. Specifically, AWS no longer publishes the number of unscored questions in each section, which may make it harder to game the exam. Test results will not indicate scores in each area, instead simply showing a pass or fail.

The new recertification policies apply to all current and incoming AWS Certified Individuals. Instead of two years, you now have three before you need to recertify. Rather than sit a recertification test tailored to people who have already passed, you will take the latest version of the full exam. AWS offers discounts to qualified applicants. The standalone recert versions are set to retire March 3, 2019.