Streamline your backups into one easy console with the new AWS Backup

Managing a complex series of data backups can create unnecessary backlogging of tasks and difficulty replicating work across various parts of your team. AWS introduces a new service that helps you streamline and manage your backups from one console. With AWS Backup, you can:

·      centralize backup management across individual services

·      monitor, search and restore backups from the same place

·      continue to tailor individual backups

·      quickly create plans on an as-needed basis

·      take advantage of unlimited storage

·      ensure compliance with business and regulatory standards

Since the system puts control in one place, you can avoid lapses in management when individual members of your team aren’t there to monitor it. The service also saves your team time writing custom scripts for separate backups.

This reflects an improvement to the way organizations using AWS create and manage backups, but we’re still waiting for them to address a particular need. At present, if you want to use AWS to snapshot an EBS volume, you have to quiesce the volume as a separate step. There’s no way to automate that step within AWS Backup, at least not yet.

Visit the link above for step-by-step instructions to create your own backup plan.