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Are You Turning Into a Feature Creep?

As tax season approaches, a lot of people wish they had a system that could do literally everything for them. Of course that option exists, but you’d have to hire an accountant. Professionals can tailor a system precisely to your exact needs, but they set their prices accordingly.

The fault is in thinking that your business will always need that level of customization when it usually doesn’t, and you weren’t willing to pay for it anyway. The point of an agile system is that it can solve most needs, but feature the kind of adaptability that allows people to grow. It’s not an answer for a lousy workflow.

Most people understand the true nightmare of feature creep. Someone in a focus group mentioned that their business needs this function, so it gets added. Multiply that by a million focus groups over several years, and you could have a real problem. It creates a system on which millions of people are truly dependent but has become so outsized and clunky that it is genuinely difficult to use. Case in point: When was the last time you enjoyed using iTunes?

So, when you’re considering options like AWS CloudWatch or GCP Stackdriver for your monitoring services, it’s tempting to select the one that checks the most feature boxes. But why? Looking at the list and waiting for the day that you read, “Will overcome bad company processes” isn’t it. Stacking features one after the other often results in software that slows your workflow as you attempt to configure it. Which is the exact opposite of the reason you bought it in the first place.