Upcoming class: Introduction to GCP Oct 15-16, 2018

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Google Cloud Platform is a rich suite of cloud computing services that works with a set of management tools to provide modular cloud services for computing, data storage, data analytics, machine learning, and more. It is important to understand how to properly evaluate and adopt cloud infrastructure because if done poorly, it can wreak havoc on the operations and security of sensitive resources. Migrating to the cloud should be measured and deliberate, based on a solid understanding of the effort involved, and a clear vision for the outcome.This training will provide a solid understanding of Google Cloud Platform. We will start with the basics before moving on to security and monitoring. We will then explore how to create a network, launch compute resources, and create storage resources before ending with operations and automation. You will get to see firsthand the various services that make up the GCP ecosystem along with their relationships to each other. The training will cover benefits of a cloud-based infrastructure and starting points for how these benefits can be achieved in GCP.